Medical Malpractice in Texas and Arkansas

Heart attack (myocardial infarction)
Coumadin error
Pradaxa or bad drugs
Surgical error
Anesthesia error
Nursing error
Neurological injury
Radiology error
Inadequate physician-nurse communication
Wrong-site surgery
Lack of consent
Failure to diagnose
Lung cancer (non-small cell adenocarcinoma)
Retained sponge or surgical instrument
IV infiltration
Epidural steroid injection
Respiratory distress / failure
Back / spinal surgery and fusion
Emergency room negligence
Failure to monitor patient / vital signs
Pharmacy error
Misread X-ray
Esophageal cancer / carcinoma
Failure to timely detect cancer
Testicular cancer
Birth injuries
Cerebral palsy
Failure to timely diagnose infection
Brain damage
Breast cancer
Bowel obstruction
Ulcerative colitis
Aortic dissection or aneurysm
Shoulder dystocia / brachiel plexus injury
Wrongful death
Staph infection (MRSA)
Medical negligence
Laryngeal cancer / carcinoma

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Attorney Marc E. Stewart handles medical malpractice cases almost exclusively, and brings extensive experience in both the law and medicine. Medical malpractice law is very specialized area with a specific set of laws. Those who do not do medical malpractice almost exclusively—like Marc E. Stewart—may have difficulty keeping up with the unique laws and may not not have command of the medicine, which can make all the difference in whether a case is handled effectively and to your best advantage. If you think you have a legitimate medical malpractice claim for yourself or a loved one, then you absolutely want to speak with attorney Marc Stewart. Learn more about Mr. Stewart here.

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